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Real Estate:

In any asset protection tax deferral plan one must look at how the title to real estate is held. Real estate can be titled in the name of:

  • Individual
  • Group of individuals
  • Entity
  • Group of entities
  • Or any other combination of the above.

Personal Real Estate:

Real estate that is being used by you for personal reasons should, in our opinion, be held in an Ultra Trust.

Investment Real Estate:

For asset protection and estate planning, investment real estate should be held inside the Asset Protection Triangle. By using the technique we call the Asset Protection Triangle you lose none of the cash flow/depreciation advantages of owning investment real estate. By grouping the client's investment real estate - one Limited Partnership for single family homes, one for duplex up to four-plex, one for apartment buildings and one for luxury - you gain fire walls around the investment real estate. Yet the client can control all of the partnerships through one Limited Liability Company that acts as the General Partner of all the partnerships. Further, by using an Ultra Trust to own 99% of each entity, growth is out of the client's estate at the time of their death.
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