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Pension Plans, IRAs or any Self Directed Retirement Fund:

USE - Asset Protection

There are fairly rigid rules about what investments may be made by a Self Directed Retirement Account without destroying its tax deferral status.  One way to unlock the use of these funds is with a Retirement LLC.  In this transaction the Self Directed fund exchanges assets for Membership Interest in a specially designed Limited Liability Company.  Once the exchange has occurred the LLC can invest in:

Acceptable Investments

  • Real estate with a mortgage
  • Hard money lending
  • Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum)
  • Private placement or offerings (oil and gas, real estate)
  • International real estate
  • Funding a business to be operated by the person covered by the Self Directed Account
  • Trust deeds
  • Other prohibited transactions


1)         A Self Directed IRA using a specially designed Retirement LLC allows you to hold             mortgaged real estate or other non traditional investments inside the tax exempt IRA             while giving you check book control.
2)         When the Retirement LLC sells an appreciated asset no tax is due.
3)         Ownership of non traditional IRA investments allows you, as the Manager of the             Retirement LLC, to have direct hands on control and investment decisions - check book             control.  Custodian involvement and hassles are eliminated.
4)         A Retirement LLC can use IRA funds as a down payment for a real estate transaction             with the Retirement LLC borrowing the balance.  A regular IRA cannot directly             participate in such a financing arrangement.
5)         Your Retirement LLC continues to provide deferral of income and gains tax because it             pays no taxes but passes them on to the Self Directed Plan with a 1099.

Here are the Elements

A)        Create a Retirement LLC
B)        Secure a Federal ID number
C)        Establish a special LLC Operating Agreement
D)        Open an IRA account with a special Custodian (Not all Custodians will accept this type             of investment.  We have identified a number of them that do accept this type of             investment.)

Here is How it Works

1)         The existing Self Directed Plan changes its Custodian to one that will accept LLC             Memberships as an investment
2)         Transfer the existing Self Directed Plan to the new Custodian
3)         The Self Directed Plan transfers funds from the Self Directed Plan to the Retirement              LLC and the Retirement LLC transfers Memberships to the Self Directed Plan
4)         You as Managing Member of the Retirement LLC make tax free investment decisions              for the Retirement LLC using the funds transferred from the Self Directed Plan

Acceptable Investments

Fund a business
Leverage real estate
Hard money loans
Precious metals
Option trading
Trust deeds
Equities market using leverage

Your Retirement LLC grows and compounds with tax free profits.

Click here to view flow chart.


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